When you are available on the internet, your business must get good response. It is mandatory for business to succeed on internet. To get noticed it is must that your website should be clicked. No click means no view, no view means no sale, no sale means no revenue!

So, what is important here is the view. The more you are visible the more chances are there of yours to become rich. Every option must be used to its best to increase the online presence as without proper presence, an ecommerce business will be thrown in the pit of failures.

The best way to get noticed is to use rich snippets that make search results attractive using various features like ratings, images that draw the attention of the viewers and also help them with additional information.

We can see World Wide Web is full of paid ads, image results and other attractive elements that easily catch the eyes of the viewers. Rich snippets are those elements that can be used to win the click.

Now, you guys are seriously curious to know about these Rich Snippets and their usage. This article is going to make you aware about these Snippets.

Rich Snippets:

These are the words or we can say lines that are marked in “bold letters” and are visible with every search result. These reveal the details about the page which is related to the search query that was typed by users in the search box.

Rich Snippets


In the given image, we can see two search results having rich snippets that include ratings and votes which encourage viewers to click on this website. Some websites include images as rich snippets like the one here having image of an apple pie with the recipe link.

These are the extra details about a particular website that appears in the search result. Rates, pricing, special discount, offers, images

some of the commonly used rich snippets that draw the readers’ attention towards the website and force them to click that link.

Who can be benefitted by this?

Any ecommerce site owner can take advantage of these snippets and use any one of them in the website which are visible in search engines. This is very easy to use. Mark up code used by search engines to get rich snippets can be inserted in the web page template so that it appears on every single web page of your site. These basically help to pull you out from the crowd.

Type of Rich snippets supported by Search engines for ecommerce sites:

  • Bread crumbs
  • Reviews
  • Offers
  • Products
  • Geo location address
  • Biographies of well known people
  • Recipes
  • Events
  • Music
  • And much more depending on the industry you are currently in.

Getting these implemented:

If you are messed up with the mark up code thing then don’t worry expert web developers can easily do this for you or it can be easily learnt in few minutes with the help of guides available from Google about Rich Snippets and their implementation.

Wind up:

Hey, what are you waiting for? Haven’t use these snippets any time before, it’s the right time to try now and keep you business growing on the Worldwide Web. If you are still having any confusion then a team of experts at remarkable SEO Agency Perth, Platinum SEO can guide you in a much better way.

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