Imagination is powerful. If you think and visualize things they happen. This is one of the techniques explained to achieve goals. Visualize your goal and you will achieve it. Choose a particular goal and then keep on visualizing it daily; you will get several ways to get it fulfilled.

Recently in our blog post related to advanced technical SEO, we discussed about data visualization. Keeping that data visualization in mind, we had a thought whether this is actually useful for SEO or not.

Based on that thought, we did some research and the results are now mentioned in this blog post. So, let’s see how SEO is being benefitted by this data visualization technique.

Visualizing SEO data:

To make this process popular; we need some of the tools and these are as follows. These will make SEO data visualization an easy task.

  • Microsoft Excel: This is one of the most useful tools for analyzing SEO data as it has a feature called charts where one can choose from line, bar, pie chart, curved charts and lots more to represent the data in a way they want.

    This helps them to present data in an effective manner. Here, among all the charts; Bubble chart is highly useful which is easily available with excel. This chart is useful to represent huge data.

    Such charts can be uses to represent trends. Apart from this; line chart also serves the purpose. Here, trend line is what is really important. These lines are used to showcase the changes in trends over the time.

    This information can be useful to know about current trends. Long term trends can be seen easily as when compared to factors like seasonality and such things matter a lot. These things are important in identifying the trend picture.

  • Google Fusion Tables: Another yet important tool for data visualization is Google Fusion tables. This is easily available via Google Drive. It is used to combine two types of necessary data into a single visualization.

    Further, it can also be used to merge with other data which is available online and then these data visualizations can be put on websites however these cannot be saved in image format.

    So, you can take a screenshot of the particular area for which you want the data and then these screenshots can be easily transferred via online file sharing accounts like as Dropbox.

  • Google Charts: This helps to create charts in an easy manner and then these can also be added to your web page. Such data is useful for those websites which are visited by clients as well.

    session chart

    These are also beneficial when we have an internal API system that can be linked to several other APIs. They are easily customizable and very well suitable for various data sets. Among all the Google charts available, Gauge charts are the most important ones.

  • Data Wrapper: Apart from Spreadsheet, Google charts and other such tools; an important tool here is data wrapper. It has innumerable types of chart options. Only the thing is to upload the CV and the thing is done.

    A very useful wizard of this is it has a user interface which helps to quickly complete the graph creation process. One can also save these images after paying a certain nominal amount of 12 euro dollars per month as free.

    One special feature that keeps data wrapper ahead of Google fusion tables is it offers more chart variety such as donut charts; a new version of old pie charts.

  • Gephi: This is an amazing tool useful for creating visualizations of various pages and links as well as is useful to display a relationship between two factors. The main aim of this tool is to assist data examiners to make proper hypothesis, create various intuitive patterns and separate structure singularities while sourcing the data.

    It is real-time visualization tool which works on various platforms like as Linux, Windows and MacOS X. It can be used for all types of networks and contains all types of mixed, direct, indirect charts.

    The types of charts available by Gephi include: a) Real time visualization charts b) layout charts c) Metrics d) Dynamic network analysis and e) Cartography.

So, with these many options available; SEO data visualization can be damn easy. One can also hunt for some more visualization tips and tricks available on the internet so as to make data visualization technique easier.

Wind Up:

Are you aware about more of such data visualization tools? Have you tried any of these anytime? Let us know out of the entire list which one you felt is easier to use and makes data visualization process easier.

Generally special chart tools like as Gephi are preferred the most however rest other tools are also good for the purpose.

So, how was this post helpful to you? Feel free to share with us your suggestions regarding any positive negative points of the post. We will be happy to enhance the blog quality as per readers’ choice.

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