Everyone knows the importance of social media and so everyone is properly aware about the significance of target audience. People using social media generally rely on it to select the appropriate vendors and solutions.

Yes, every business today has its LinkedIn Company page as well as Facebook business page. Also, few of the businesses are involved in posting social blog posts at several occasions. The reason to do all this stuff is to make social media tasks, a part of daily activities.

Importance of Social Media

But actually, there are lot of struggles when it comes to social media results. These are not easy to achieve. The reason, there are very minor mistakes that occur knowingly or unknowingly while using social media for business.

And again as every problem has a solution, in the same all these mistakes too can be fixed. But before actually finding the solution, let’s take a look at some of the commonly made social media mistakes.

Few commonly made social media mistakes that can lead to Failure:

  • Understanding how buyers engage on social media: Target audience is active on social media and so they keep on reading, sharing and engaging on their favourite social media networks. However, it’s important to identify as to which networks generally users are active on.

    Also, you must be aware about the hot discussion topics among the users, type of the content that is shared the most by them and what influences them the most. It’s important to know these basics in order to understand buyers in a proper manner.

    This can be done easily by carrying out a small survey among buyers and then invest accordingly in the required social media platform in order to know how target buyers get engaged on social media.

  • Your content reveals the Real you: For any social media strategy, content is important. It is the thing that represents the real you in front of the visitors. This is important to catch the attention of your target audience.

    Generally, buyers will look at your content with only one question in their mind as to how it is going to help them. They are least interested in knowing how good are you or what progress is made by your company. They just want to know how your content is actually going to help them.

    So, always focus on creating buyer centric content which helps the buyers to get what they want and also is equally compelling when any higher authority reads it.

  • Focus on Quality: Generally, businesses have their social media pages developed for the sake of increasing number of followers, getting maximum number of likes, shares, tweets, re-pins and more.

    We actually concentrate more on quantity than quality and this is what is called a “Big Blunder.” But in reality, this is giving us very less sales or clicks and just increase only in numbers.

    So, from now on make sure to develop the social media channels in terms of Quality and not quantity. Begin by following customers, top prospects and industry toppers and then let your buyers do the remaining tasks.

  • Be aware of your Social Media Goals: Yes, goal setting is very important. So, B2B marketers must have a clear goal set in their minds. The reason lack of proper goal results in to lack of proper results.

    Decide whether you want maximum number of followers or maximum number of tweets? Decide whether website traffic is important to you or the number of clicks matter you a lot. Keep in mind your goals and make necessary efforts in that direction only.

    To decide a Goal, first you need to understand your level in social media. Are you a beginner, an intermediate or an expert? Once you are aware of your level then you can select your goals accordingly.

    For beginners, the goal can be to reach at next level and make sure you do all consistent activities to reach that goal. Further it comes to developing quality audience consisting of prospects and influencers.

    Once this is done then is the time to involve your audience with the right content and then your way to get more website traffic, clicks is ready. So, move ahead.

  • Be Aware about Social Numbers: We are so busy in making efforts that we hardly are aware about the number of leads generated in a month, what we paid per lead and more such figures. Yes, these seem very small but are actually important in generating the new SEO strategy.

    So, from now on keep a check on these numbers. Set up some KPIs in order to calculate the performance of your blog as well as other tactics that you have actually used to achieve your goals.

    This will help you to modify or change or replace one tactic with other that is more result oriented which will then result into proper efforts thus reducing wastage of resources.

  • Be Consistent: The biggest mistake is we are inconsistent; the biggest step towards failure. When you actually indulge with social media you must actually be consistent and well programmed.

    This means doing a blog post once in every fortnight is not going to generate the desired results. Further, you started a group and then forgot to take a look. It remained unsupervised for six months.

    Such inconsistencies can lead to huge losses. So, make sure while using social media you are making persistent efforts. This means you must have dedicated resources for social media, your social media activities must be aligned with your efforts.

    So, always develop a schedule like begin with one blog post per month then gradually increase it to two and so on. Consistent efforts can give you big rewards you never know how and when.

    Give equal time to every social media channel you are dealing with. Don’t jump to all at once thus messing up things which leads you nowhere.

  • Wind up:

    It’s difficult to overcome the mistakes in a night but constant efforts can definitely fix the issues thus leading to huge success. So, keep on applying your consistent efforts and side by side keep checking for any mistakes and quickly solve them.

    This will help you to strongly focus on engaging your buyers, sharing content that is useful to them ultimately leading to the desired results that once was a dream for you to achieve.

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