Do you believe in SEO compatible URL Structure? Search engines are capable of identifying URLs but when it comes to SEO, it includes much more things apart from just crawl ability and site speed. URLs are also to be considered for high competitive rankings.

Is Good SEO structure really important for URLs? This is a question that is being pondered over by many and finally we decided to include it in one of our blog posts and so we are here to discuss it. To start with, we will first discuss about the elements necessary for SEO Friendly URL:

Components of an ideal SEO friendly URL:

    Top level domain
    Path /Specific Folder.

Tips for generating SEO Friendly URLs:

  • URL must be simple enough to be readable by common man: Every person be it familiar with internet or not must be able to read your website URL. Technical jargons must be avoided as the URL name.Phrases that are mostly used to search for anything must be used as a URL name. This will make it easy for humans to find your website as well as remember it easily and same is for search engines, they will be able to remember your link easily.
  • A good idea to use Keywords in URL: There were times when keywords were not allowed in URL but now time has changed; now it’s considered as a job of an expert to use keywords in the URL because this enables them to easily show up on social media and makes them enticing.Increasing SEO PotentialThe main decision whether to visit the entire website or not is taken by seeing just a simple URL. This means if a website is a mirror of your business on the web then URL is the gate that gives entrance to the website and if the gate looks attractive, I think people will love to visit its inner side.

    No, here URLs cannot be made attractive but they should be adorned with well searched keywords to give an easy entrance to people in your website. So, think a ton before deciding your URL name.

  • Small is good: The smaller the URL, the better it is for people to remember it, bookmark it, copy paste it and share with innumerable social media sites.We can say that URL is a just a small line but has really a deeper impact on the minds of people. This is like the story of lion and mouse where URL is a small mouse and website is giant lion.
  • Must be visible on the Page title: The title of the page and the URL must be somewhat alike, they don’t have to be duplicated but should derive same meaning. The aim of the URL is to give a very small idea about the website and what it’s going to offer to the people.
  • Provide a different name to the Sub section: We have seen many URLs having the same name. Yes, every web page has a different URL and each URL name should be unique. None of the URLs should contain repetitive words.For example: The main section and the sub section should have a different URL name. This means if:Main section URL name:


    Subsection name should be: “–services.php/” instead of

    Hope this clears the point and provides you complete understanding of what exactly your URL name should be for every section of your web page.

Wind up:

So, with these tips we are sure that you will be able to optimize your URLs with proper words and make sure that it gain enough potential to make it visible on the search engines as well as create an intention among visitors to visit the entire website.

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