Today, if you take a look around the market; you will find two types of business; online as well as offline. Online business refers to those that make use of internet or businesses have use internet in some or the other way to conduct their tasks.

Offline businesses are those that have no connection with internet so far. Irrespective of the type of business you have; what comes is spreading its awareness. Now, offline business promotions are done via mediums such as television, radio, newspapers & online businesses have their own websites to promote business.

Now, there are enormous websites available on the internet; the thing is how yours will be visible among the crowd. What will you do to stand apart from the crowd? “SEO & Content Marketing” is the answer.

Wrong SEO Techniques

Yes, you might be very well aware about this. But, are you really aware about the proper way to use them? Do you get the required results when you apply these techniques? If yes, go ahead…

If no, what’s wrong why you are unable to get the required traffic? Why your website has very less visitors? There are many such questions which may be there in your mind. But, you are unable to find the right answer.

Now, be happyJ as your search ends here and we will show you why your SEO is not generating the results you expect?

Wrong Use of SEO Techniques:

“Half Knowledge is Poison”. This saying perfectly applies to SEO as you may be aware of different SEO techniques but lack the knowledge of its proper application and hence the results may be opposite to what you expect.

Here, you will see how you are doing them wrong:

a)      Keywords: This every online business owner knows. When it comes to SEO; keywords are important. And now instead of keywords, content is the King. But still, “KEYWORDS ARE IMPORTANT”

What you are doing wrong:

Keywords help you to increase the website visibility on search engines. But the biggest mistake that beginners as well as experts make is “Stuffing keywords and targeting wrong keywords”.

Stuffing keywords is like tricking the search engines by using the same keyword phrase again and again.

For example: Organic food from ABC organic farm is the best organic food that will make you healthy. Eating this organic food can keep you away from diseases. Looking for best organic food, then ABC organic food is the one stop solution. It is the best organic food money can buy!

Doing such things will directly lead to penalties because here the keyword” organic food” is not used but just stuffed. It doesn’t offer any value.

In order to catch such gamers; Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing to know your page’s intent and know the keyword variations. Make use of synonyms or alternative words instead of repeating same word.

What you must do:

Focus on keywords but don’t overuse them. Use keywords and its variations in the title, beginning paragraph, meta description and during the entire body of the text. Use keyword planner to know which keywords will generate results.

Tip: “Avoid using those with largest search volume”. Instead use “Long tail keywords” that are mostly used in bulk for different searches. Look in “Trends” to know what’s working and what’s not.

b)      Anchor Text: Another important SEO technique that is used with keywords is Anchor Text”. This simply refers to the words having hyperlink. Such texts have links that redirect people to other relevant page content in that site or on other informative materials from external sites.

What you are doing wrong?

Generally businesses target exact keywords or exact match as “Anchor Text”. But this practice is not going to work anymore.

What you must do?

–          Use branded text as anchor text

–          Used Naked Links

–          Long tail links.

Tip: Avoid making keywords as your “Anchor text” and avoid relying much on “Anchor text”.

c)      Optimizing Images: People get easily engaged via visuals and any content having visuals gets more clicks, likes and shares. However, search engines are unable to see images.

They need explanation in words to know what the image is all about and how it is relevant to your topic.

What you are doing wrong?

Some businesses add images without optimizing them and hence these are not considered by search engines.

What you must do?

Optimize the image with a perfect name, alternate description (explaining the image in few words), add captions and the image title. According to studies, captions are read 300 times more as compared to body text.

Tip: Make use of image compression tools to reduce the image size as well as load time thus maintaining its quality. The more quickly your image loads the better your SEO is.

Conclusion: These are the three main SEO techniques that if used properly can lead to expected results. Are you using them properly? What challenges are you facing while using them?

Share them with us and we will offer a perfect solution for the same. SEO is little bit complicated but avoiding some minor mistakes you can easily handle it and get long term benefit.

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