Digital marketing is the field that keeps on changing constantly and hence we can see new trends every year. Similarly, 2016 will have an awesome temperament along with few digital marketing offerings that provide centre stage.

As per the research; today brands are thinking to boost their digital commerce investment as they plan to combine business revenue along with the expenses done in digital marketing with the help of digital business models.

Complete machine learning and the need for personalized marketing tend to gather more excitement.

Digital Business Model

Let’s take a look at these trends:

  1. Custom Advertising: This is one of the top performing trends at present. It can easily get fitted into website’s general content. This has become more a necessity than novelty. It has stronger impact on user significance especially when one brand takes the entire advertising area.

    Here, the concept attracts readers and makes them believe that they serve to be a part of standard content. At times, such advertising is taken as a negative way. Most of the objective media will never lose any credibility in case their audience thinks that they are only here for money.

    Hence, it is the use of advertising that serves to be an extension for publishing brand and must always be executed in a perfect manner.

  2. Personalization: Personalization helps marketers to communicate in a perfect manner with the audience with some special content. This offers huge response rates from most of the targeted customers and very few marketing withdrawals.

    Most of the video portals in respective fields have increasingly personalized experiences that are being developed while most of the marketers can easily configure videos that are based on user’s activity.

    In 2016, one will see the continued personalization done via content marketing, web marketing and video marketing with several vendors combining trends and providing refined content.

  3. Interactive & Live Videos: Today, the use of interactive videos is increasing by leaps and bounds. This provides marketers an opportunity to have one on one communication with their customers.

    Viewers can have the chance to develop their experiences thus offering preferred content paths with increase in marketers; insight. Live video offers more intimate experiences for companies and their customers all around the world.

    Hence, in this way customers get engaging as well as positive experiences with the brands they use. This enhances the sense of personalization.

  4. Cloud Marketing: Cloud Digital marketing will offer all the required tools along with flexibility and speed in order to make sure that all on the spot solutions are available and are easily customizable.

    Various other firms like as Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce aim to rule the market. The competition sector here is very tough and hence it guarantees various user-friendly, cost effective and cutting edge possibilities for today’s digital marketers.

Take Away:

So, by now; all the digital marketers who are good enough and are in search of possibilities; for them cloud marketing is of utmost importance. Let us know how this blog post was useful to you.

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