We often keep on discussing about various online marketing techniques but it has been so long since we have discussed about email marketing. So, why we have forgot this digital marketing technique? Is it outdated? No, the reason is we are now more addicted to social media channels and hence we are constantly involved in increasing our presence on various social media channels.

As a result, we have completely ignored email marketing. But still there are some things that keep email marketing alive and these are as follows:

email marketing still alive

Things that keep email marketing still alive:

  • Personalized Message: We are now addicted to the flow of Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds yet there is something known as personal message which can be sent to any person only in its personal inbox which directly targets the person itself.Email needs personal attention while feeds can add the information even if we don’t pay attention to them or we are not present at that moment.
  • Scheduled Timings: Certain things in email marketing make it more powerful like as scheduled ones which reach to the people at a particular time when they can actually read them carefully.A relevant message when delivered at a perfect time can serve the purpose of marketing. This is one of the forms of direct marketing that is used to target the audience at a proper time when they can actually read the email.
  • Dynamic Content: Relevant dynamic content when reaches the mail box at right time definitely serves the purpose. Dynamic content helps people to choose the perfect content which will definitely lead to increase in conversions.Every email must give a feeling of personalized message that is written specifically for a particular recipient to whom it is to be sent.
  • Remarketing becomes easy: Those visitors who have left the website without performing checkout can be easily brought back by sending an email to them reminding them of the pending purchase to be completed or sending them offers matching their needs.Yes, email marketing is an effective way to get the data. We agree that other digital marketing channels are useful but email has its own advantages and features that can never be replaced by any other marketing technique.

With the emergence of social media channels, the use of email marketing has reduced to an extent in such a way that it is absolutely forgotten by Internet marketers but a survey shows that most of the customers carry out online purchase from the websites whose offers are available to them via email.

This shows that emails are still an important part of the business which help in driving more customers and getting maximum revenue.

Wind up:

Old is Gold and so this digital marketing technique is also unique in its own way because it has its advantages which makes it different yet useful. Yes, these serve as a means to reach to wide range of audience thus maximizing the brand popularity as well as making them aware about latest products and services available in the market.

So, give email marketing a try and see how your revenue increases. Need expert assistance for the same? Then experienced email marketers at Platinum SEO, SEO Company in Melbourne will definitely give you a helping hand.