Online marketing has been the buzz in the SEO industry. Apart from social media, even video channels like as YouTube are used to an extent to spread the word about any brand or service. Talking about well known video channels, YouTube is one among the popular ones.

It gets nearly 30 million visitors on daily basis and it is not any one’s cup of tea to be benefitted from such a huge crowd. In order to get benefitted; there are some strategies that one must use while using YouTube.

Fundamentals of YouTube SEO:

  • Focus more on Keywords: YouTube SEO Process starts with keywords. There are such keywords which are known as “Video Keywords”. These will boost the search results. These vary from the standard search engine results.Using more of video keywords will help you to get good amount of traffic directly from first page of Google. Just uploading a video without using the required video keywords; it is likely that you will get traffic only from YouTube instead of from the entire internet.

    In order to get result oriented Video keywords, one can make use of Google Keyword Planner. Find any suitable keyword that has atleast 300 searches per month.

  • Focus more on Quality: Your video must deliver proper values and must please the visitors. Suppose your video is well optimized but it is not pleasing the eyes of people or is no good to watch then there are very chances of it being ranked.The rankings on YouTube are merely based on interactions. So, it is necessary that your video gets maximum number of views and shares. YouTube keeps a constant check on how long your video is being watched, how many comments, shares, favourites; subscriptions have your video received.

    More of this can be available only if your video is of good quality. Above all, your video must be atleast five minutes long. The longer your video is, the more popular it will be. However, long doesn’t mean that it is boring, it must offer necessary information, entertainment to the users which compels them to watch the entire video.

  • Keep in mind the SEO when you upload it: It’s just not enough that your video is good. It must be optimized well. Hence, quality and SEO are the two things that play an important role when it comes to video marketing or we can say uploading videos on well known sites like YouTube.The Video keywords must be used in the title as well as filename. The video title must be at least five words long ensuring that the keyword is in the beginning of the title. One of the important things is the video’s description.

    Google and YouTube solely depend on the description as this reveals what the video is all about. The keywords must be used within first 25 words of the description and these must be repeated at least 3 times.

    Description must be 250 words long and must contain your link at the top which will boost your click through rates.

More views are a Must: To get more rankings, more views are mandatory. Avoid fake views they must be real and actual. One of the best ways to get maximum traffic is via question and answer sites.

Avoid posting your website links everywhere instead embed links in your Video that you will be posting on YouTube. This will help you to get high rankings thus helping you to get views with maximum retention.

Wind Up:

So, next time you think of using YouTube to promote your brand or services; keep sure to follow these basics. For more such tips, stay tuned with Platinum SEO; Professionals SEO in Sydney.