Introduction: John is an internet marketer. He constantly is around internet to develop online marketing strategies. He’s aware about the current hip and happenings of the industry. This is necessary for him as the strategy he develops must be according to the latest SEO trends.

A well known online business owner hires him as an Internet Marketer. For three months; the owner supervised his work and at the time of feedback he said to John “How much you know about SEO? I know more than you! You must stay updated with current SEO news.

So, why you think this happened? Because like John we all believe that SEO has no more updates apart from the version updates or new changes in Google Algorithm. I mean we think there’s the same old stuff and is nothing new.

But this is not the case; at times SEO has lots of new updates which are vital for our business especially when you are dealing with the online world.

Keeping this thing in mind; we at SEO Services Sydney, Platinum SEO decided to keep our readers updated with latest SEO news and with this idea in mind; we are here today to share with you some important news from the SEO world.

Let’s begin:

SEO News Headlines:

  • Google is now getting re organized under the new holding company known as Alphabet.
  • Twitter now on Google Search
  • More Faster Google New Hangouts 4.0
  • Let’s know them in detail:

    1. Google is now getting re organized under the new holding company known as Alphabet: This new organization will focus more on “management” which will make it easy for things to run independently. Apart from Google, it has more seven companies which are as follows:
      • Google X
      • Google Capital Investment
      • Fiber
      • Calico
      • Life Sciences
      • Nest
      • Google Ventures
      • Google

      Alphabet may violate some of the Google’s rules and regulations regarding Spam search and so we sometimes wonder whether it will be penalized seriously or not.

    2. Twitter on Google Search: Now, sometimes when you search on Google. You will find results from Twitter too. This is seen especially in mobile search results.
      Twitter on Google Search
      At present, this change is visible only within US and slowly this is applicable in desktop search results as well outside USA.When asked to Google about the same; it confirmed that the Twitter integration testing is going on with desktop search results.
    3. More Faster Google New Hangouts 4.0: Recently on August 10, Google launched its new Google Hangouts 4.0 with a completely new look along with speed enhancement as well as new features that has made it easier for people to use it.It is now updated with material design that is more intuitive. With its new “Compose” button; it becomes easier to initiate conversation. With improved bug fixes; it runs faster and uses less battery.This is now available for Android Wear as well and so this makes it easy to send and receive messages on any of Android Wearable Devices like as Android Watch.

    Wind Up:

    Hope internet marketers like John will get benefited from our blog and will be able to get something new. For more such recent updates from SEO field, stay connected with us.