Now, Google has launched new Chrome extensions that are useful for digital marketers. These will definitely change the daily habits of social media marketers and certain extensions have undergone some upgrades.

Here, we have mentioned 10 best chrome extensions which will help digital marketers to save their worthy time and efforts.

10 Best Chrome Extensions Mention Below:

  • OneTab: We can see social media professionals spending maximum of their time in researching some good content and also reading it completely. At a time, there’s a need to open ten or more tabs and hence sometimes things would get messy because of multiple tabs.As a result, some tabs even are closed without even taking a note of what is actually written in the article and here this extension helps. It can be considered as a boon to the information diggers.

    What are the benefits of using this extension?

    When there arises a need to open several tabs at a time, at that time just open “ One Tab icon” and then all tabs will close and will be saved to the list of URLs in a single tab and then these can be restored as and when you need.

    In case chrome gets closed suddenly then also all the tabs will be automatically saved with One Tab. This will make your browsing experience faster thus saving upto 95% of memory with Google Chrome.

  • Hootlet: A social media tool that is worth using. It is basically a social media publishing extension which allows us to share the entire web page on all social media networks. This saves the time that is wasted in switching the windows and copy& paste the information.Using this extension, one can edit social media messages, attach images and schedule or send them straight away. Further, it also allows us to bring up social conversations of any particular search topic.

    Also, the tweets from the people within a short distance can also be brought to notice. Once you add this extension to your Chrome browser then on social networks like YouTube, Flickr, Twitter etc, a Hootlet button will appear so that the content can be easily shared to every social media channel.

  • LastPass: Suppose you have a team of social media marketers and everyone needs access to the business social accounts. Then, instead of changing the passwords and without sharing it with the team members, LastPass allows to share access with the team without actually sharing their password.This extension serves as a free password manager. It basically works on “master password” system where only one main password is to be remembered. Further, it can also create secure passwords so that one password must not be reused again.
  • RiteTag Social Media Optimizer: Sometimes we wonder as to what hashtag must be used to promote any event or story. Tracking the performance of hash tags can sometimes be time consuming.With this extension, one can easily get analytics on the hash tags that are used while writing any social media message. It also offers real time insights about the hash tags. Here, hash tags are separated via various colours which define their importance.

    For example; green colour suggests that the hash tag is more useful, red denotes it’s less useful. So, make use of this extension to get proper hash tags in order to promote your post.

  • MozBar: Everyone is involved in making the SEO of any website right. People new to this field often find such tools which are complicated enough to be understood and as a result, they face issues in the content.
    Moz Bar Tool
    This extension serves as an easy option for those who have just involved in SEO field. This extension is used to know about the Page Authority as well as the Domain authority of every link.

    A list of inbound links is also available when clicked on “Page Analysis”. It is most useful for marketers who wish to track links of their blog posts or web pages.

Wind up:

So, now make your Internet marketing tasks easier thus saving time and getting more results. Try out these extensions and let us know your feedback. If you are aware about more such extensions, do let us know.

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