As per the recent Google report; a normal B2B researcher performs 12 online searches. With this thing in mind; one must ask what public relations and marketing one must do for search marketing lately.

In order to get the collaborative results for your Search, PR and marketing efforts; the team must keep in mind several things which are as follows:

Some Important Things for Search Engine Marketing as follows:

  1. Make yourself Aware about Domain Authority: For marketers’ it is necessary to know about domain authority. It is a score that shows how high a website will rank in Google’s search results.

    A website’s domain authority is calculated by various factors like as metrics, link popularity, domains linking to the site as well as the authoritative sources of the link.

    Every website wishes to have 100% domain authority however there’s a perfect score that is kept for internet giants like as Facebook, Google etc. According to SEO experts, a good domain authority must be between 35 and 50.

    Domain authority is not just a measure of our SEO efforts however it is really a competitive metric that can be used to compare one website with another but of same industry.

    It shows that the website is in good health and will receive better rankings in search engines.

  2. Increase your Media List: The media sector is improving by leaps and bounds. Hence, sometimes it becomes difficult to know as to which media outlet can be tough.

    It can be anything such as Blog posts, deep verticals, online media groups, pop up daily etc. With the help of targeting media outlets based on their focus, readership and relationship is necessary.

    Communication Professionals need to consider domain authorities of media targets too. Prioritize your media list from highest to lowest domain authority in order to make sure that PR time is spent in earning links which will offer more value to your clients as well as organization.

    Make sure to have links from well known websites as they bear more SEO Power to the site thus helping you to boost your website’s domain authority.

  3. Request a Link: Trade media and other such media outlets include back link to your website as a standard practice when you provide a small piece or an article.

    On PR and marketing side, the link that gets more readers to your website is the one that matters the most. Make sure that the media outlet is an authoritative site with higher domain authority which is useful in getting maximum domain authority.

    Let’s say if a link is not automatically included at the moment of article being published the links can always be requested. The link must redirect to your company’s main page.

    At times, Linking may be against the policy of website owner instead it is advisable to get the reporter link or suggest something to them so that it can get linked to relevant content or we can say relevant article. This offers valuable and powerful link to the readers thus benefitting you from SEO efforts.

  4. Use Keywords: Search terms are used by almost 71% of B2B searchers instead of searching for a specific brand name. This percentage shows that buyers are looking for solutions first instead of products.

    Keyword Research Tips

    So, give researchers what they want? Use keywords in your site, in news releases, descriptions and blog posts. Think of all the content pieces that you have developed.

    Make use of all keyword scripts for all videos that are available on your site. It is necessary to use Keywords but unnecessary usage is also not advisable. So, make sure that only 5% of your content actually contains keywords.

Take Away:

It takes time to develop your brand’s or we can say company’s reputation. This requires lots of understanding and teamwork. Communication professionals always understand that content is the backbone of marketing. Words are all that matter to search engines.

Hence, PR, marketing and search should go hand in hand so that brand’s content is to be balanced. So, if you make proper use of all of the above elements then you can see concrete results in PR, marketing as well as search marketing efforts. This will ensure new thinking line so that you can stay a step ahead of other B2B marketers.

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