During November 2014, LinkedIn had 107 million users alone in U.S. and nearly 40% of users use LinkedIn on daily basis. LinkedIn is highly popular among professionals and hence every business owner must utilize this tool as a means to promote its business as one can easily get targeted leads from here.

Lead Generation with LinkedIn

So, how can LinkedIn be properly used as a means to promote business? Here are the tips for the same:

  • Link your Business Site and Provide Contact Info: The first and foremost step to get maximum leads with the help of LinkedIn is to link your LinkedIn profile with your business website. Upto three links can be added to the profile.One can use this feature at its best. Also, make sure that the contact information is displayed correctly on the profile. This is useful when a potential client is need of the services you offer, they will be looking for your contact information. So, it must be accurate and perfectly displayed.
  • Update posts regularly especially in Morning: One of the important things is to keep posting updates on LinkedIn profile on regular basis and that too at Morning. The reason; as per one of the LinkedIn marketing experts; posts updated during morning get more engagement.
  • Make most use of personalized messages: LinkedIn has a sponsored email service known as InMail which is very much useful. This InMail tool is useful to target specific people in different organizations.Once the message is sent, the recipient is notified that they have a message in their inbox and hence no one is going to miss your message.
  • Learn to Stand Out From the Crowd: Your LinkedIn profile should be different from others. Creativity is what helps you to do so. This can be easily done by adding videos, images which will automatically get displayed when users view your profile.
  • Feel free to Include “Call to Action: Make sure to ask people clearly for “Call to Action”. Make them understand your business properly and how will they be benefitted from your products and services?
  • Get involved in the groups of your interest: Develop a habit to participate in various LinkedIn discussions as this will increase your reach. To get more out of it, find a discussion that is popular and get involved in it by adding your comments on the topic. Hence, it is advisable to join as many groups as you can.

Wind up:

With digital marketing industry growing by leaps and bounds, the face of marketing has changed widely. Various well known Social media tools like LinkedIn help to grow the business be it offline or online by three fold.

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