How to describe a best online marketing strategy and which one should be used for your business? Is it advisable to focus on SEO of your website or make use of several pay per click advertising platforms like Google Adwords.

There are various social media advertising platforms available however the thing is to find the best one that yields sufficient rate on investment. Here, the truth is nothing is good or bad; everything depends on circumstances. It depends on your business goal and category.

For non competitive businesses; SEO is most preferable while for competitive businesses; Google Adwords is another form of social media advertising which offers quick returns for the dollars you have spent.

SEO Vs. Google Adwords

Apart from this; there are various other ways to integrate multiple advertising platforms to gain maximum exposure.

Reasons to combination of SEO & Google Adwords:

Combining SEO and Adwords is beneficial for business as it gives maximum exposure to ads, organic searches as well as maps. It boosts the visibility and click through rates can increase by 7%; an amazing figure isn’t it?

Be able to get found easily:

With this combination; one can get a chance to gain good organic rankings however this takes time. We know that Google constantly changes its algorithms and this is very difficult to get every blog found in search results. Here, paid advertising plays an important role.

One can make use of social media ads and re-targeting to promote articles. This will help them to keep those directly in front of right audience. Let’s say Facebook advertising helps companies to target audience through various factors like as age, interest, behaviour and much more.

In the same way, retargeting places the advertisement in front of the audience. Retargeting is a form of marketing that can be used by target users who all visited your website with banner ads displayed on various networks across the web.

Basically, when someone gets redirected on the blog article and then leaves suddenly; then ads can be seen on the related pages. One such example is seen here in the below image:

SEO Google Ad-Words

We can see that this is one of the great ways to target people who have already shown interest in your business and content but have not approached you.

Go for Right Keywords:

A single mistake in SEO can lead to huge losses. Hence, it is not affordable to do even a silly SEO mistake. So, do everything nicely and carefully to get accuracy. Don’t worry about time but you must do things very wisely as even a minor error can take times to get repaired because SEO is very sensitive; you know!

Have patience; be it a year or so but results will come if you have applied proper techniques. So, don’t panic or hurry. With Adwords, keywords can be targeted quickly. Pay per click is a great way to know which phrases or long tail words work for your audience.

With winning keywords; one can make pay per click campaigns successful and also help you prepare a result oriented SEO strategy.

Take Away:

So, next time you wish to have a SEO strategy done then do get in touch with experts like Platinum SEO; one of the best SEO in Melbourne where you will be guided appropriately as to what suits best to your business.