SEO at Melbourne is a huge world that is full of different search engines, firms, opinions, and much more. Many of them such as Google recommends one thing, Bing says another, and then companies and message boards tell you not to believe it and thus you are left confused and helpless. Hopeless terms such as SERPS, organic ranks, search marketing, algorithm updates, backlinks, color hats and more can become overwhelming at times only with the motive to figure out how search engine optimization works, and where you can even begin. We will make it all the way simple for you beginners to understand, so here’s our quick breakdown of how it all works.


SEO Melbourne

Know how SEO was formed?

In the early days, the creators of search engines found out different ways to index the pages of the internet and to provide better quality sites as responses to a query made. The motive behind using this strategy was that the more times a site were linked to, the more reputable the site was supposed to be, and thus it gets higher in the rankings. For this thought to become a huge success certain algorithms were developed to automate this process, and thus this strategy leads to the birth of websites such as Google, Yahoo and much more. The only problem that came into public was with how the people caught on to the way it worked and thus they made changes and began manipulating the algorithms to get the results they wanted of their own choices. What other companies would do is sit and build “link network” sites that would link other sites together, and thus an artificial way was created to raise the ranking of their member sites.

Google actively fought against such tricks and have put strict rules on quality content and public reputation. It has thus created different and new algorithms to help remove such black hat tactics which are widely used.

  • Penguin is used to prevent link building strategies.
  • Panda to prevent the content written that is geared strictly towards keyword ranking.
  • The newer version of Pigeon is used to get all the local results, and others.

How can you rank well?

To get all your websites rank well in the SERPs (search engine results pages) follow some basic rules: follow some basic rules:

  • Write fresh and quality content only.
  • Distribute and publicize your content wisely.
  • Write the content in such a way that it attracts the community and makes them share it too.
  • Links to the content should be built on other sites as well.
  • Make sure that your online reputation increases, and with this, your rank goes up.

You may find this really easy but there is a lot involved to get there. You have to make sure that your website is built in such a way that the users like it in just one go. It should also meet the standards and rules of the search engines by remaining error free. When you write your content, make sure that you write it for people, not robots. Don’t be tempted by companies who promise you links, ranking in just one go. They may be able to do it initially, but as soon as the algorithm is updated you could find yourself stuck up with poor search rankings, or even blocked from search engines.


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