Links; be it internal or external are useful for every website. Internal links can redirect visitors to the given page within the website whereas external links can redirect them to the given places outside the website.

Links, we can say back links are also important to increase the traffic. Link Building, some of us believe is not so useful technique whereas some believe it as to be the most useful one. Despite of several opinions, we can say Link Building still has its own importance.

Link up
So, let’s move ahead and see which places can be considered for adding links and these are as follows:

Safe Places to develop SEO links:

  • Education Site: Most of the search marketers are aware that educational sites are the most valuable places to build links as these are the most authoritative ones. Further, talking about security; these are the safest ones.Some of these links can be acquired by offering good scholarships and then getting in touch with individual institutions.
  • Government sites: Apart from educational site, government site is also one of the important and secure places to build links. Government sites come with .gov extension. Yes, it’s difficult to get permission from these sites to place links but if you get then it is the most safest places.If you are sponsoring any event and getting involved in community then you can easily get a chance to publish links on these sites.
  • Industry specific Directory: Yes, few directories were rolled out by Penguin because of the reason that unwanted links were found in huge number. But still, there are some trusted directories that can still be used as a source to develop links.Open directory Project and Yahoo! Business Directory are two of the trusted ones. Further, if you can find any business directories that are of your industry then those can also be preferred.
  • Discussion Forums related to your industry: Suppose you get any forum related to your industry then this can be the biggest advantage. But here you need to participate in discussions in ways which add value.Make sure to include your name, title and Website URL in the signature. You can also publish the answers in your blogs and then post that link as a answer to that post. This way you can easily develop your brand, get traffic and create more number of inbound links.
  • Major Publishers: If your links from any of the well known publishers then it will add value to your domain. To get links on well known publisher sites; either you need to be a columnist or get in touch with a journalist and then provide them your story to get a good coverage.

Wind up:

So, apart from those mentioned here, there are many other such websites that serve as a secure place for link building. More of these will be discussed in our next section, this is it for now.

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