Information Technology is one of the industries that keeps on updating on regular basis and it makes it easy to access the data to get the necessary information. With modern technology, everything has become easy. Similarly, SEO reporting must be easy as well.

There are several enterprise level SEO platforms that are in process to provide automatic alerts for daily SEO reporting. One of these is Google Analytics that provides many of the features to its users. Today, we will discuss how Google Analytics can be used to get automatic alerts for your SEO report.

Here, we will show you how to create a custom segment as well as alerts in Google Analytics:

  • Creating a Segment: Let’s assume you wish to develop a custom segment which consists of only organic sessions of customers located in United States.From reporting tab, choose +Add Segment and then select +New Segment and then name this segment with an appropriate name like as “ Organic Sessions”, mention the country name and then in the traffic source Tab, in “ Filter Sessions” choose “ Medium Organic Sessions” and select “ Source as Google”.
  • Creating an Alert: Once the segment is created then is the time to create an Alert. Here, you need to inform Google about the kind of alerts you want:
    SEO Report using Google Analytics
    Under the Reporting tab > Intelligence Events Overview, Go to “ Custom Alerts” tab and then choose “ Manage Custom Alerts” and then click on “ + New Alert Button”.

    Now, name this new alert with any appropriate name and then select the type of alerts that you would like to receive and where you want them to be received. Choose the appropriate Filter and then criteria for which you actually want to get noticed.

    For example: Alert to be sent when organic sessions get reduced by certain percentage.

  • Develop an Alert using Custom Segment: So, till now we learnt how custom alerts as well as custom segments can be created. Now, we will learn how to create +NEW Alert where custom segment can be associated with a proper notification and then select the one that is generated previously.Sometimes it is possible that you may fail to receive the alert even though you have created it, for such issues you can easily report the bug via various Google forums.

Getting Used to Proactive Reporting:

Developing custom alerts in Google Analytics is an amazing way to identify any potential issues but it sounds to be working well enough when someone wants to make improvements or to know about the particular time when improvements are to be made.

Hence, it is sure that the future of SEO Reporting is going to provide automatic SEO alerts to the business owners and help them to take necessary decisions in order to improve their rankings.

Yes, if any of the SEO experts have any new ideas to make this reporting process more proactive then their suggestions are most welcome. For any further details about latest hip and happenings in the SEO field, stay updated with Platinum SEO, SEO experts in Sydney.