Google Maps is a very useful app for those who are always on the go. Travellers, folks have recently introduced an update to its Google Map service that enables users to personalize their well liked places with funny location stickers.

Yes, it is similar to that of Facebook where you can add different stickers on your image. Users who are interested to give their home and work locations an added blast can opt for igloos, tree houses, teepees and yellow submarines. These users can also opt for lighthouse or a pirate ship.

Google Maps

New Google Maps Updates:

The visual location hints are one of the most recent updates such as driving instruction service of the company. Although, the company didn’t come up with the patch which could get rid of annoying bugs, the recent update can bring delight into users.

It is also cinched to make some trips across the town fun and more unforgettable too. The main objective of Google is to unveil stickers so that users can be forced to label the locations which are important to them.

Users can also label host of other locations as well as their office building and their respective home. The technology megalith shows that users can easily label their contact’s favorite hangouts like as gym, diner, landmark and others.

Further, Google maps offer detailed information about public transportation and traffic so that users can schedule their meetings as well as everyday activities after labelling various locations. The optional sticky tag supports the previous star ratings that were available in earlier versions of the app.

With this new update; users will be able to come up with a route having relative case. Android mobile users can begin the use of new entertaining visuals. Also, iOs mobile device owners will then receive app variants very soon.

Then, it will become simple to save your work and home address in Google maps. It will be damn easy; just log into your account in Google. You can label various locations such as Your Places tab where you can search the address or enter the address instantly. Once the specific location is uploaded on search bar, then it can be easily found out.

So, this new update will help you to remember locations easily so that every time you don’t have to search for the same locations. This will save your time and efforts.

Take Away:

In a nutshell, we can say that it is now time to sit back and relax and drive or travel happily as now this new Google Maps update will be your perfect guide. Next time when you drive or are travelling then don’t forget to use this feature.

If you are using it or have already tried it once then share your feedback regarding the same with us. For more such updates, tips and tricks; stay tuned to Platinum SEO; a well known provider of SEO packages Melbourne.

Keep in touch; see you soon with more such updates.