To market business on the internet; email marketing and text marketing both are effective but the thing is it’s necessary to identify which one is more effective so that one can easily frame the budget and prepare strategies accordingly.

Text or Email Marketing
If we look from general point of view then both text marketing as well as email marketing helps brands to make their strong online presence. They sound to be quite similar but if you go deep; there are pros and cons of every method.

So, today we are here to discuss about which one is the best and let’s start the discussion here:

Text Marketing Vs. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is somewhat a known term but when it comes to text marketing; we may wonder what’s it and how it is useful to the business?

If we compare both in terms of numbers then text message has the average open rate of 9% while that of an email has an average rate of 28- 33%. If we go on a click through rate parameter then for a text message with a link inside it is 36% and for an email it is about 6-7%.

When it comes to email marketing, we can say that more messages will always lead to a better outcome. And in case of text marketing, the less the better. Usually, 4- 6 campaign emails in a month are enough as these can get good engagement rates of up to 30 campaigns in a month.

So, choose the method that best suits your goals as well as help you to generate more revenue. Decide whether you wish to increase the sales directly or you wish to get huge number of qualified leads.

Or you just need to create brand awareness? Whatever your objective is; you can use the method accordingly.

Here are some statistics that will help you to decide which method suits you the best:

  • For email, the average open rate is between 28 -33% while that of text message is 99%.
  • 4 – 6 text campaign methods per month are enough; more can mark you as a spammer while in case of email the open rate increases with increase in number of campaigns sent.
  • Text marketing has more chances to attract customers but email marketing is still a viable option.

Don’t rely on one option; keep using one or the other channel to attract visitors. Manage age gaps and meet communication preferences of the clients, create campaigns that deliver a unique message.

So, while using text marketing you can opt for these ideas:

  • Create a mobile coupon
  • Use text marketing to capture emails.
  • Create a contest and spread a word about it via text message.

With these text marketing techniques, we are definitely sure that you will be able to get the attention from maximum audiences.

Wind up:

Next time when you wish to fulfill your objectives; make sure to use text marketing as well as email marketing to reach to more customers. If you wish to get an effective marketing campaign developed from experts then get in touch with Platinum SEO, SEO Professionals at Melbourne.