Applications of local SEO Melbourne strategies are not the same for big brands and small local players. The process differs widely, and an expert in this field should know which plan to follow for which company. In several cases, you will find that local business owners get totally confused and don’t know how and in which way SEO can bring benefit for their companies.

Myths of SEO

Presenting the list of commonly heard Local SEO myths:

  1. The Myth 1:
    • Google listing claim will boost the SEO: The real fact is that there is no shortcut to go for SEO boosting. Actual SEO is a combo pack of different functions. Things need to be used logically to bring consistency in the SEO results. It may be the case that many firms experienced positive results after doing this, but that is not the only effort of SEO but some local strategies that helped to give the desired result. But a business should claim its Google listing as this will be profile page reflecting in local queries as well as in Google Maps.
  2. The Myth 2:
    • Dead declared- The concept of link building: You will find this info in many web portals, and this resulted due to Google’s effort to stop SEO experts from creating any link which is unnatural. But the real fact is that it’s not dead yet, and many are using guest posts. Use specific directories which are perfect as per Google.
  3. The Myth 3:
    • Social Media is not a tool to help SEO: This is one of the highly prevailing myths about SEO. The real fact is that Social media actually support SEO. The content which gets shared on different social media sites that gets shared many times on the platform as that all is the purpose of social sites. It is by default will give several back links to the site. You need to be an active user of social media sites and be an active participant in different discussions and polls for a better result.
  4. The Myth 4:
    • The Experience of User hardly offers benefit to SEO: This is one of most untrue myths about local SEO. In this complicated business world, it is only the experience of the user on which you can count. Starting from the marketing of content to making a responsive design, the importance is given to the need of the customer and then on the profile of the business.
  5. The Myth 5:
    • Good SEO will give the instant result: It’s not only SEO, but any business technique also cannot give you result instantly. It will be an act of fool if you expect to find a huge traffic from the very first day when the site is first optimised. The search engine like Google uses aging delay in the algorithm. Google will take several months time to reflect the real result in Google Analytics.

If you have a local business, then depending on the strategies of local SEO Melbourne will be the right decision for you. Depend on Platinum SEO Services for best results on your local business site.