Website has become an important part of the business. There are two types of websites; one is designed keeping in mind the growth and the other is a static website which can also be called traditional web design.

There are times when the need arises to re design a website so as to meet up with the latest trends. Redesigning a website is somewhat a complex as well as time consuming process which can be sometimes difficult and expensive.

In case, your website fails to offer proper user experience then rankings can reduce to an extent because Google only prefers those sites that can provide better user experience. Hence, if you are still having that old website design then it’s time to shift to the growth driven one.

Traditional Web Design and Growth Driven Design

Is it difficult to transform a traditional website into the Growth oriented one?

  • Proper strategy is needed: Good looking website is just not enough. It is necessary to have some parallax scrolling and other such modern look and feel. It is very important to keep in mind the users while developing any website which makes it easy to find what they are looking for.Also, offer clear call to action which boosts the leads. Such strategic analysis needs lot of analysis as well as time; it cannot be done within a night. When you say that the website design project is over and it is made live then it is difficult to make necessary changes or add any other things.
  • It needs a team of people: A marketing director can definitely get the website launched but there may be some things which may fail to suit the needs of the customers. Website is not just an online brochure but it is an effective way that is used to sell your services or products.It should be able to serve your customers by offering them the necessary information they need as well as solving their problems and getting them connected with the right people in your organization when they need any help. This requires the suggestion/ inputs from all the people working in your company.
  • Client is not sure what he/she wants from the website: Web Design companies who handle these redesign projects may have faced this problem that we are going to discuss here.The clients first will say that they just want to get the website redesigned and the content will remain the same and as time passes; it will have the need to change the entire look and feel of the site including the content, images etc.

    This happens because the client is not clear what actually he/she wants from the website and the new web design forms; the client gets excited to know how exactly it will look. However, these things take place once the contract is signed and so at times it becomes impossible for the firms to make the necessary changes.

This seems to be a bit difficult to re design a traditional website. When it comes to growth oriented redesign, the cost structure varies as per the project. Traditional website re-design can cost between AU$15000 and AU$100000 and can be paid up front.

Growth driven design project would begin from smaller project to create a launch pad site and then the entire project will be carried out. For many people, growth driven website is completely a new thing and people have heard first time about the same.

Wind Up:

Feel free to share your experiences with us about the traditional web design projects and what are your views about shifting to a new concept of growth driven design and how would it benefit your organization.

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