A million dollar question whether SEO should be done manually or must be automated. When it comes to website SEO optimization, the most important factor is to satisfy the users and SEO is all about meeting the users’ intention.

Making SEO Easy:

It is one of the most mastered trends that compel people to use marketing automation. Marketing automation software is used to collect contacts, organize them and then offer personalized emails, landing pages and proper content to the right person at right time.

In simple words, marketing automation means offering right content to the right person at right time. So, can marketing automation be used to automate SEO?

Is it possible to automate content optimization, link management, reports and measurement? Yes, everything is possible and here’s how:

  1. Automating the content: As we have discussed earlier, content must be written from users point of view, search engines should be a second thought. After writing proper content, it’s time to optimize it with meta tags, proper formatted URLs and links that can help users and search engines to easily find your content.Several marketing automation softwares like as HubSpot, Marketo, Infusionsoft and other such offer a good range of SEO tools that guide you completely to optimize blog posts, landing pages and other site pages.

Marketing Automation

  1. Link Management Automation: Inbound links are one of the responsible factors for higher rankings and so these are the most challenging elements. If any one wishes to get proper amount of accurate content then it is important to get organic rankings, traffic and earned links.It requires lots of efforts to get sufficient amount of return on investment on content marketing. Once you succeed then you can automatically see rankings, traffic and links coming in.If your website has natural content then you will get maximum number of natural links that directly link to your page. Various tools like Hootsuite make it easy to publish, schedule and force the content promotion.

    To keep a check on quality of your inbound links, you can use various tools like Open Site Explorer, Majestic and Monitor Backlinks to find newest links to the site. Yes, there are few things that actually is impossible to automate and these are user reviews, content spin and more.

  2. Reports Automation: It is very important to track the SEO efforts, the reason; this helps you to identify the drawbacks in your efforts thus helping you to create a new fresh strategy. Several tools are available to measure and track your efforts and these are as follows:
    • Google Analytics
    • Newest Links
    • A/B Testing
    • Google Search Console ( Webmaster Tools)

Final Note:

Even though SEO can be automated to an extent, some sort of human touch is also needed. The human touch is about users. Real reviews that users provide about your product are the ones that make or break your reputation on the World Wide Web. So, make sure to use the tools, reports that can make your task easier.

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