Digital marketing is the buzz in the town. We know that various social media networks are popular and useful to move on digital marketing to the next level. Today, in this blog post we are here with some amazing facts and figures about digital marketing.

Let’s move ahead and know about these interesting digital marketing facts and figures:

  • Facebook, highly adopted platform for digital marketing: We all know that Facebook is the highly used social media network. It often keeps on altering its algorithms. Here, many sites have the chance to win the political news space.
    Social Media Sharing
    As per Facebook, The Hill; one of the Journals had 9, 94,300 combined likes, comments and shares during the week ending as on 9th June 2015.
  • Twitter, most preferred platform for business: Any popular news first gets published on Twitter. The tweets about NBA Finals crossed an overwhelming number of 7.6 million views over the entire web during the time frame of June 4 to June 17.
  • Life is socialised now: You might have seen people updating every single moment of their life on social sites. They want to reveal where they are, whom they are meeting, what they are doing and lots more.Even some people can’t sleep peacefully until they haven’t updated their current status. So, life is completely socialised. But the reality is different and is revealed by the survey about various smartphone users, it was known that 2/3rd of the digital pictures and videos were never shared and in aggregate only 31% of these were actually shared on social sites.
  • Who’s increasing the Digital Marketing budget? Alcohol brands have decided to increase their digital marketing budget as they wish to boost their ability to reach maximum number of people among their target audience.
  • Auto Play Videos are more preferred: Well known social media site twitter says that users are more likely to prefer auto play videos as compared to that of click- to -view videos and thumbnail video previews.Further, auto play videos increased the chances of recalling ads by 14% as compared to other formats. Conversion rates were Seven times higher on auto play.
  • As per Google, out of 25, 8 publishers sell 10% of their inventory programmatically.
  • 59% of dads purchased a mobile phone in last six months.
  • The average order size was $122.65 which is less as compared to that of $125 in Q1.
  • Do you shop using a smartphone? 85% of parents use smart phones for shopping from any eCommerce store; among these 12% moms are more likely to buy a product online as compared to dads if they receive a mobile notification about any deal.
  • Breaking News In Digital Marketing: Country’s first ad featuring a lesbian couple went viral in India, a socially conservative country. This ad represents a clothing brand called ANOUK. It is a three minute 21 second spot which has received 1.8 million + views in June.Ad Video Link:

Wind up:

So, with these interesting yet amazing digital marketing facts and figures from the last week; we wind up for the day. Stay connected with Platinum SEO, SEO Professionals at Melbourne.