We all know that it is illegal to use Black hat SEO techniques. However, still there are such people who are using them and then there are those who use these to deliver Spam. So, exactly which Black Hat SEO technique are we talking about? You might remember the technique[...]
Google Maps was launched in 2005 and since then, it has become the most popular online mapping service in the world. Today, we use them every day to get directions or have a street view of certain places which is used as an in-car Sat Nav. Google Maps have much[...]
Occasionally, we clean our home at regular intervals. In the same manner, during certain weather; it is necessary to clean our websites as well so that we are completely ready for success. If we talk about PPC Campaigns then there’s a lot to look at, analyze, eliminate etc such as[...]
Initially, Photoshop was not created as web design tool but this is the fact that most of the website designers are still unaware of. There are certain plug-ins that make Photoshop, a perfect tool for web designing. In this blog post, we will discuss these plug-ins that are especially made[...]
Digital marketing has made customer interactions automatic and hence now it will become even more imperative. Technology partners can then rethink their strategy as to how their services and products can re-frame customer experience. Marketers can automate something but this doesn’t mean that they will offer an amazing user experience[...]
Well, there are people in this world who keep on changing their website platforms for reason or the other without knowing how this is going to affect its SEO. Yes you got it right. If you change your website platform every now and then you will find drastic change in[...]
Search engine rankings are like contest and back-links are the votes. However, not every back link has good effect on your search results and hence you need Search engine optimization to achieve top rankings. Here, we have included some good resources that can offer your site a good boost in[...]
Web Design is an ever changing field in the industry. There are several trends available day in and day out. Today, we will discuss what actually white space is and how it is useful in web design? Have you ever seen that whitespace in your website? Well, that’s important. Why?[...]
How do you learn anything, from a mistake, right? Mistakes are a proof that we are trying. Once we make it, we don’t do them again. The less time spent on correcting errors, the more productive things we can do. Here, in this blog post; we have revealed five such[...]
When I say Content Marketing, what comes to your mind at first? Is it website content? Is it Contact us? HomePage or what? What are the ways through which you can use content to promote your brand? One of the ways that now must be going on in your mind[...]